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Meet woman who speaks to dead bodies
Posted on 21st May, 2018 News By Admin + 10 -3

Meet woman who speaks to dead bodies

Nurse Melissa Hobeiche works as a psychic medium, helping bereaved people to receive messages from relatives and friends who have died. In a rare interview, Mel talks to The Weekly about her gift. You are a psychic medium who is able to communicate with spirits. You give people messages from their ones on the other side. Are the spirits the vehicles through which loved ones can get in touch and do you sometimes communicate directly with a loved one?

It can be both. I usually get messages from my guides. But a loved one with often come through and start a dialogue with me. They will tell me or show me things, no matter how trivial it is, to pass on to their family member, friend or loved one, so we can acknowledge who I’m communicating with

Where do you make contact – in your own home or in a client’s home, or at a bigger event where you may have an audience – or all three scenarios?

I have done readings in my home, a client’s place of work and in their home

How long have you been a psychic?

Literally all my life

When did you first know that you had this gift?

At a relatively young age. I would think about unusual things – then they would happen. I didn’t understand it then, so it was a little scary.

Were you already interested in the spirit world at the time?

I didn’t really understand it enough to be really interested in it. I think I was a little afraid of the other side because the adults around me were. So, growing up, I had a little fear of the unknown until I got a little older. It was only then that I started to understand it, in the capacity I do today.

Had you ever visited a medium and, if so, why? Who did you want to contact?

Yes, I have visited mediums. As mediums, we cannot read ourselves and because I wanted to make contact with my mum, I had to seek another medium.

Are you able to make contact with your own lost loved ones in any way?

I usually know when they are around. For example, I will smell a familiar smell, or hear a favourite song in the distance. They will show me, point me to familiar things, or resonant words will just pop out of nowhere or occur in a dream. These are always things that I know and remember about them that maybe only I would know – they will get my attention that way. But I have not made direct contact, as I said earlier, because mediums find it hard to read themselves.

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