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Zambian lady praises her husband for donating his liver to her
Posted on 8th May, 2018 News By Admin + 10 -3

Zambian lady praises her husband for donating his liver to her

The woman also thanked God for recovery She has three beautiful kids with her loving husbandA Zambian woman identified as Saboi Mundia Kalinda has thanked God and her husband for giving her a second chance.

The woman who had a liver failure was given a second chance after her husband donated part of his to her.The woman took to social media to praise her husband for loving her and being an amazing husband to her. She stated that she doesn't have the right words to show how grateful she is for what he did for her. She further expressed that she is truly blessed to have him by her side. The mother of three stated that her husband stayed with her, made her life and prayed with her through the rough times

Kalinda also thanked her husband for being a good example for their children. She noted that she made the post to show the world that her husband is a wonderful man.The woman also thanked God for protecting her, revealing that the experience has taught her so much about life and God

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